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MP3 Rectifier 1.5

MP3 Rectifier is an ID3 tag editor which lets you describe your MP3s with cover art and text such as artist name, album, title, and track number (using ID3v2.4 as well as older versions of ID3). It can also rename the MP3s according to these tags.

Got a large and messy MP3 collection? MP3 Rectifier will clean it up by removing obsolete tags from your MP3s and describe them using modern ones. Additional features include exporting playlists and XML files, extracting embedded pictures and cover art, as well as retrieving song information from the MP3 file name using regular expressions.

Features of MP3 Rectifier:

  • Edit the ID3v2 (2.3 & 2.4) and ID3v1.1 tags of multiple files at once
  • Add pictures to MP3s
  • Extract and save pictures embedded in MP3s
  • Unicode support (including UTF-8 for ID3v2.4)
  • Recurse subdirectories support
  • Rename files based on ID3 tags
  • Generate ID3 tags with the use of regular expressions
  • Export playlists (M3U and PLS) and XML

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MP3 Rectifier


MP3 Rectifier 1.5

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